Clarke Surveyors Inc. was involved in providing mapping for POLARIS. The revolutionary new automated property-title indexing and mapping system.

Our expertise will help the legal profession, the real estate and development industry, local governments, utilities, financial institutions, etc. to accelerate the numerous stages of land recording and management. The data information, for example, will help make property assessment and tax collection more effective, and the transferring and selling of property less complicated.

Facilities and Equipment

Clarke Surveyors Inc. operates out of an office at 2535 Lesperance Road, Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada. Equipment includes the latest field digital recording devices known as "Total Stations" which are downloaded into the office C.A.D. Stations. Survey and CAD software allows the production of many types of plans and charts with Geographical Information System Capabilities. (G.I.S.)

G.P.S. (Global Positioning Systems) is used as necessary to establish horizontal and vertical location information to facilitate the production of these maps.

Customer Relations

Clarke Surveyors Inc. has maintained a policy of customer satisfaction for over twenty years and values their reputation for responsible service in the community.

Some of Clarke Surveyors Clients