The ALTA/ACSM survey was designed to meets the needs of:

  • Property owners
  • Lenders Corporations
  • Title companies


The ALTA/ACSM land title survey is principally used for developed commercial property and is examined by buyers and lenders who are concerned that buildings, parking areas, easements, right-of-ways and other improvements are located correctly.

An ALTA/ACSM survey combines a boundary survey and topographic survey into one document: a map showing the relationship between the boundary of the property involved and all of the improvements on the property.

The ALTA (American Land Title Association) and the ACSM (American Congress of Surveying and Mapping) collaborated to develop the minimum standards and optional items for ALTA/ACSM surveys. Clarke Surveyors meets all ALTA/ACSM land survey requirements.


Everything necessary for a boundary survey is required for an ALTA/ACSM survey except for setting final monuments which can be requested by the client.* Most of the ingredients of a topographic survey are required for an ALTA/ACSM survey.

In addition to the standard requirements of an ALTA/ACSM survey, there are optional items that a client can choose from to include in the survey.

A title company will be enlisted by the client to insure the property and will base its insurance on what is shown on the ALTA/ACSM survey. Legal counsel will also often be involved to review the ALTA/ACSM survey map and provide assistance to the client and lender.

A current title commitment must be acquired by the client before an ALTA survey can be completed.

Areas of ownership, improvements and exceptions will be shown graphically. If any encroachments are discovered, they will be shown graphically with a report indicating the nature of the encroachment.

* Please note some state statutes require monuments to be set at all property corners