Clarke Surveyors Incorporated was originally formed in 1970 under the name of R.A. Clarke Ontario Land Surveyor. It was a successor to the survey practice of W. J. Fletcher, one of the early surveyors in Essex County starting in 1917. In 1978 Ross Clarke was the founding president of Photomap Air Surveys Limited in Toronto, an aerial surveying and mapping company consisting of a consortium of seven land survey companies in Ontario and one in Quebec City. From Photomap Air Surveys Limited, Photomap Group Incorporated was formed to participate in the Polaris Project. (Province of Ontario Land Registration System). The Polaris Project is the Ontario Government/Private Industry partnership to computerize the Land Registry System in Ontario. The Private Industry partners are E.D.S., Systemhouse, Intergraph, Peat Marwick and Landata International Services of which Clarke Surveyors are partners.

In 1990, Mr. Clarke acquired MacKay, MacKay & Peters Limited, Hamilton, Ontario, one of the oldest survey firms in the area, commencing business in 1906. MacKay, MacKay & Peters Limited is also the successor to the survey practice of one of Canada's great map makers and explorers of the late 19th Century by the name of J.W. Tyrell. In 1997, Mr. Clarke acquired Yates & Yates Limited in Burlington, Ontario, the successor to the survey practice of Sewell and Sewell, and added this practice to MacKay, MacKay & Peters Limited now in one office, in Burlington.

Company Business

Clarke Surveyors and its associated companies are licensed under the Province of Ontario to:

a) Advise on, report on, conduct or supervise the conducting of surveys to establish, locate, define or describe lines, boundaries or corners of parcels of land or land covered with water.

b) To determine the natural and artificial features of the surface of the earth and the storage and representation of such features on a chart, map, plan or graphic representation.

The Industry

The land surveying industry in Ontario is comprised of approximately 700 licensed professionals in 250 private practices. The Association of Ontario Land Surveyors is a body incorporated in 1892 and charged with the responsibility of licensing land surveyors and protecting the public. The profession is quasi-judicial in nature as extensive investigation is needed to identify property owners extent of title. Due to the surveyor's professional position, they are called upon to be expert witnesses many times in boundary and land claim disputes.